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Statistics is a way to get information from the data! Isn’t that too simple a definition? But when you study Statistics, it scares you. By far every student feels that it is one of the most interesting and difficult topics to study at college and graduate level. Statistics is a wide topic and there are different kinds of concepts and theories to which students of applied statistics should be exposed. It is used in financial and economical analysis as well, for example:

  • financial analysts develop stock portfolios based on historical rates of return
  • an economist uses statistical models to help explain and predict  variables such as inflation rate, unemployment rate and changes in gross domestic product
  • a market researcher who surveys consumers and converts the responses into useful information

There are various fields of statistics that are studied at college level.
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Our statistics tutors can help with assignments involving software tools like JMP, Matlab, Minitab, ‘R’ Programming, SPSS, and Stata.
Statistics homework help provides the student to understand each and every concept of statistics in a proper way. The step by step description of all the points and the assignments and test papers provided by our experts will help the students to clarify all their doubts about the subject. Statistics homework help will help you to gain a kind of self-confidence concerned with the subject which helps him to do better.

Statistics Topics We Can help You with :

Poison Experiment Binomial Distribution Kurtosis Median
Mode Quartile Inter Quartile Range
Skewness Standard Deviation Variance Mean
Harmonic Mean Geometric Mean Weighted Mean Sampling Theories Consistent Estimator
Distribution Proportions Efficiency Estimator Sufficiency Estimator Unbiased Estimator Properties
Distribution of Two Mean Distribution Mean Distribution of Two Proportions Probability
Independent and Dependent Events Conditional Probability Bayes Theorem Types of data
Methods of data collection Bar Charts Histograms Scatter Plots
Box Plots Pie Charts Comparative Pie Charts Pictograms
Line Graphs Frequency Polygon Ogives Correlation
Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient Regression Time series
Semi averages method Least squares method Moving average method Forecasting
Price index Fisher’s Ideal index Mutually exclusive events Mutually exhaustive events
Permutation Combination Normal distribution probability density function
Type I and Type II error 1 way ANOVA 2 way ANOVA Coefficient of variance
Stratified sampling Quota sampling Biased sample Multivariate analysis
Likelihood function Exponential distribution Mann-Whitney U test Wilcoxon rank sum test
Z test T test F test Chi-square test
Kruskal-Wallis test Fisher’s exact test McNemar’s test Uniform distribution
Bernoulii distribution Poisson distribution Geometric distribution Negative binomial distribution
Axioms of probability Confidence interval Optimal decision Central limit theorem
Probability mass functions Cummulative distribution functions Markov’s inequality Chebyshev’s inequality
Gamma distribution Beta distribution F-distribution Cauchy distribution

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